Paidi Fitz

Marco Island, Fl, Dec 2016

Hey, I'm Paidi Fitzpatrick.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'm a Chartered Accountant turned Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer from Sixmilebridge, a small town on the west coast of Ireland. I primarily work with Ruby and Javascript building Rails and AngularJS applications, while utilising the Ionic framework for mobile development. I could be classed as a somewhat unusual convert to the world of programming having previously qualified as a Chartered Accountant, working for firms in both Ireland and the US. I commencing my learning in the summer of 2016, and have been working since as a software developer since September 2016.

I particularly enjoy learning new technologies, broadening my knowledge base and tackling new projects. As referenced above, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, having both an undergraduate and masters degree in accounting from University College Cork, finishing the later in 2012. Following the completion of my professional training contract I joined the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland in November 2015.

I strongly believe in work life balance, having played numerous sports, travelling as extensively and as often as possible (having surpased my initial target of 30 countries before 30!) and socialising with friends, family and strangers alike.


While the majority of my time is dedicated to my freelance contract work occasionally I do have some spare capacity. So if you are looking for a web or mobile application built, either for personal or business use, or alternatively for a developer to assist in the maintenance of an existing application drop me a mail. I'm more than happy to discuss any prospective projects!

Client Work

I have worked as a freelance ruby on rails developer since September 2016, with my clients including Podmedics, University of Liverpool, Sure Skills, Learnmed Ltd and Clubzap Ltd. Unfortunately due to client confidentiality these projects are not maintained as an open source, however I will endeavour to give a brief overview of a selection below. I try to keep the list of projects up to date, but if you're curious about something, just email me to get further details.

Cancer Drug Interactions - Web and Mobile

This project is a joint venture between the University of Liverpool (UK) with the Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and was completed in two stages with the web application launching in June 2017 and the mobile application launching in August 2018. Combining the drug-drug interactions expertise and oncology expertise of the aforementioned parties, this will provide a world-leading DDI resource which will inform clinicians, pharmacists and patients about the potential for DDI(s) with anti-cancer agents. Given the potential of this project as an educational resource and as a tool to support better prescribing, both of which will improve quality of care and patient outcomes, this was a very gratifying project.

In terms of development I was solely responsible for building the mobile application. This incorporated all back end work including building the API in the web application, retrieving and storing the data, the functionality of the interaction checker and all other ancillary functionality. Furthermore I was responsible for all styling and UI considerations.

As regards the web application, this was extremely interesting project as the drug interaction checker is built entirely in Angular. While I did not build the complete interaction checker, I did add certain functionality to the primary checker as well as building an Angular module allowing users to select and save favourites, all of which was both challenging and incredibly exciting. Given that this project will be used extensively by NHS employees, a duplicate interaction checker had to be built to service browsers which did not support Angular for which I was responsible. Other features included, the back end site for client input, resource and image upload, integrating a Twitter feed, site news section, MailChimp mailing lists, allowing users to generate pdf reports etc.

The web application is available at Further to the aforementioned applications I have been extensively involved in both the development and maintenance of two other web applications for the University of Liverpool over the past two years namely and as well a complete rebuild of the mobile applications utilising the latest technology. The mobile applications are available for download and can be viewed through the following links: HEP iOS App, HEP Android App, HIV iOS App, HIV Android App.

CPR Kids

CPR Kids is a new service in association with Learnmed Ltd which will offer an accredited online paediatric first aid course in Australia and will launch in Autumn 2018. It will contain an array of course modules comprising online video lectures, a medley of different question types as well as certain practical assessments through video submissions. It will be the only nationally recognised training course in Australia that focuses on recognition of the sick child.

I was the sole back end developer on this project, building out much of the feature-set in collaboration with the client. As a general overview the back end incorporated the structure for question input, dashboards for tracking incomes, user participation, question marking and providing feedback to users. The front end incorporated user sign up, subscriptions and payments, different structured course modules depending on question type, displaying user performance etc.

At present CPR Kids is entering the final stage of external review but will be ready to launch in Autumn 2018 so watch this space.

Sure Skills

SureSkills is a world leader in delivering sophisticated technology, knowledge and learning solutions to complex and challenging client requirements, offering IT Consulting services, Training and Certification services, Learning services etc. I worked in collaboration with Sure Skills on a project for Qwiklabs (who were recently acquired by Google), a company who provide lab learning environments to enable hands-on experience working with leading cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The project involved writing some pure Ruby code to track a students performance and progression through the cloud learning labs, interacting with Google Cloud Platform APIs, parse results and in certain edge cases running other virtual machines to SSH into active labs. Interacting with the different API structures and creating work arounds for the situations not covered by the APIs made this a very interesting project to collaborate on.



As outlined above I have worked for a range of clients since September 2016 on a number of different projects involving web and mobile applications. Check out the client work section above for some sample projects and my Github account for a more detailed look at my contributions. While I have primarily worked as a backend developer I have experience across the full stack. Some of the tools I have used are Ruby, Javascript, AngularJS, Ionic, Bootstrap, to name but a few with Heroku being used for deployment.

Previous Path

As mentioned previously I'm a relatively recent convert to the world of programming, self thought with the aide of resources such as the Ruby on Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl and a considerable amount of on the job learning. Both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees were in accounting, see below. Consequently I completed my ACA examinations in 2014, and after the completion of my training contract with Deloitte & Touche (Limerick) from Oct 2012 - Oct 2015, I joined the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland thereafter.

Upon completion of my training contract in Oct 2015, I joined CrossCountry Consulting a consultancy company based in the United States, on a contract basis, spending time in several US cities including Chicago, Dallas and Pittsburgh until April 2016. While I did enjoy aspects of accounting I yearned for a role involving a greater degree of problem solving, logic, more tangible output and if the truth be told far less bureaucracy! After some brain storming with friends who had made similar career changes I decided to turn my hand at programming. The career change was preceded by a couple of months spent travelling around the US, Mexico, Cayman Islands and parts of Europe, after which I returned to Ireland in July 2016, and began my programming journey!

For further details on my specific roles in the aforementioned companies, or with previous employers such as Apple Inc, have a look at my LinkedIn or drop me a mail.

Education / Awards

  • Masters of Accounting, University College Cork, 2011 - 2012, First Class Honours
  • BSc Accounting, University College Cork, 2007 - 2011, First Class Honours

  • PWC Medal in Accounting, University College Cork, 2011, See more.
  • Edward P Cahill Medal in Accounting, University College Cork, 2011, See more.
  • UCC Academic Entrance Scholarship, University College Cork, 2007, See more.
  • Title of College Scholar, University College Cork, 2008 - 2011


If you like what you see and wish to get in contact, please feel free to drop me an email. Also, check out my profiles on any of the web services and social media networks listed below. I would be delighted to connect.